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If you are a consultant, work for an agency or ever need to advertise for others — or are a company working with someone who manages your Facebook ads — you may run into the need for sharing a Facebook advertising audience or pixel.

As we move forward, we’ll look at this from the perspective of the consultant, agency or entity that needs access to the pixel or audience.

Let’s take a closer look…

Why Share Audiences and Pixels?

If your client is an established brand that has advertised via Facebook before, they likely have the Facebook pixel on their website. They also likely have audiences that they have used before that have proven to be successful.

As a new advertiser working with this client, you can start from scratch with a new audience or leverage what was created before. Starting from scratch for a Website Custom Audience would mean adding a new pixel to the site, which is messy and won’t go back in time.

At this point, the client could add you to their ad account. However, that would likely give you access to things they don’t want you to access — like prior advertising, other pages and financial information.

Or they could add you to their Business Manager to simply grant you access to a specific audience or pixel. Let’s do that!

Add an Ad Account to Business Manager

Hopefully, that client is already using Business Manager. If not, this will be required to do what we’re going to do today. Have them set up a new Business Manager account by going here.

Now, they can go to their Business Manager Settings.

Business Manager Share Audiences

Go to Ad Accounts under People and Assets.

Business Manager Share Audiences

Click the blue button at the far right to “Add New Ad Accounts.”

Business Manager Share Audiences

They’ll want to claim an ad account or request access to an ad account.

They’d only claim an ad account if that account is associated with their business — they own it.

Business Manager Share Audiences

But in this case, they’ll likely want to request access to your ad account. After selecting to request access, they’ll need to enter in your ad account ID.

Business Manager Share Audiences

Share the Facebook Pixel

Now that your ad account has been added to Business Manager, it’s time to share the pixel.

Your client should go to “Pixels” under People and Assets.

Business Manager Share Audiences

Select the pixel on the left and click to “Assign Ad Accounts.”

Business Manager Share Audiences

Select the ad account(s) to assign this pixel to…

Business Manager Share Audiences

Now you and those who manage that ad account can go to the Pixels page in Business Manager…

Business Manager Share Audiences

And you will see all pixels that you can access. There will be a column highlighting the shared pixel(s).

Business Manager Share Audiences

You will now be able to create an audience or conversion off of that pixel or set up that pixel (you should probably do that first).

Business Manager Share Audiences

Share an Audience

Maybe instead of sharing the pixel, you want to share an established audience. That’s pretty easy to do, assuming your ad account was added to the client’s Business Manager.

Within “Audiences,” your client should select the audience or audiences they want to share, and click “Actions.” Then select “Share.”

Business Manager Share Audiences

They will need to select your ad account (entered into Business Manager earlier) to grant access to that audience.

Business Manager Share Audiences

They can allow access to both targeting and insights or targeting only.

Business Manager Share Audiences

Now when looking at audiences from your ad account, you will see the shared audience — and a column indicating where it was shared from.

Business Manager Share Audiences

Follow the Rules!

If you are ever going to share a pixel or audience, my assumption is that you will be following Facebook’s guidelines regarding pixels and custom audiences. If a client shares a pixel or audience with you, you must only use that data when advertising for them.

Why do I need to say this? Because I know how some advertisers are. They have two clients in the same similar industry. One has an established audience with loads of web traffic that lead to success. The second has nothing. You can’t use that data from the first to advertise for the second.

Seems obvious, I hope, but it needed to be said.

Your Turn

Any questions about sharing audiences or pixels? Let me know in the comments below!