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The Challenge

In 2015, and Bubble Run 5K sought new ways to attract more participants to the race, increasing the companies overall revenue. We also wanted to tout the amazing race, awesome production and unforgettable memories the Bubble Run 5K participants will experience through comprehensive planning and branding of the event.

The Solution

Bringing new meaning to Bubble Run’s “Good Clean Run” tagline, we encouraged participants to jump on board the Bubble Run 5K. Using’s proprietary scale model to not only increase existing location participants but to also expand the brand nationwide in many new markets.


Average Participant Growth Per Event


Average Yearly Increased Revenue

Month Turnaround

Amazing Result

Launching of the New

Mobile Refresh

The new went through an entire rebranding, especially focusing on a functional and effective mobile friendly format.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

The rebuild of was designed from the ground up to flow potential participants into the sales funnel and provide event information.

Huge Web Traffic Boost

In Q1 of 2017 we saw over 1,000,000 visitors to Of those visitors, we saw over 2,100,000 page views and decreased bounce rates across the entire site.

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